Kanakadhara Ventures Pvt. Ltd


To stay on top of growth demands, India needs power plants, irrigation and industrial structures, hospitals, roads, highways and innovative housing ideas.
The potential for growth today is immense, especially for the infrastructure sector. And to be part of these exciting times, Kanakadhara Ventures has taken a mighty leap forward

• It was incorporated in 2005 as a closely held company.
• Promoter, P Venkateswara Rao has worked in different capacities in infrastructure and other industries prior to KVPL.
• KVPL expanded its offerings and shifted its focus from residential construction to take on civil and commercial constructions.
• Since then KVPL has built over 5,00,000 sft of residential space and completed seven residential projects and 10,00,000 sft of commercial space
• Orders on hand to a tune of over Rs. 1000 Crores to construct Superspeciality Hospitals, Medical College, Dental College and Regional Directors Office at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Tirupathi of ESIC.