• Kanakadhara Ventures Pvt. Ltd

  • Kanakadhara Ventures Pvt. Ltd

  • Kanakadhara Ventures Pvt. Ltd

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The Operations department is the backbone of the company. It employs more than 150 technical staff who oversee, coordinate and execute the construction activities at various sites.

Procurement & Commercial

Sourcing of materials, subcontractors and labour contractors at competitive rates and to ensure material and sub-contractors available on time at various sites as per company policies and budgetary provisions.

Finance & Accounts

A team of professionals takes care of Accounting, Taxation, Treasury management, legal and statutory compliances and manages shortterm long-term finance arrangements.

ABOUT Our Project


To stay on top of growth demands, India needs power plants, irrigation and industrial structures, hospitals, roads, highways and innovative housing ideas.
The potential for growth today is immense, especially for the infrastructure sector. And to be part of these exciting times, Kanakadhara Ventures has taken a mighty leap forward.

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Meet the Directors

Our group of Directors brings to the table many years of experience in infrastructure development

Our Associates

The experience and expertises of our associates have enabled us to envision the road of future.

Human Resources

To cater to ever-growing HR requirements and to build and retaintalent, building and skill development managing standardized recruitment processes.

Value for Money

Our developments are a cut above in every aspect, commanding timeless appreciation in value and identity.